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Traditional Signwriting Perth

Remember the good ol days in the 80’s when Sign Writers were cool ?  Not anymore! People call us Sign Makers now, but we still produce the “magic!”

Now we are just old fashioned, kind of like Mark Hamill from Stars Wars, he used to be cool.  Stars Wars has reinvented itself and is now super hot!

Where am I going with this? Well read on…We were cool too, back in the 80’s. We were originally called JRH Signs. We were like Cold Chisel, or Bon Von Jovi of the Signage Industry. Okay that’s a bit a stretch.

We used gold leaf to create names on the local football club boards, got the old Sign-writing brushes out to paint fluorescent pink, orange and yellow (glow in the dark) onto the local shop front windows. Honed our skills on the pizza shop windows for a free pizza. We are talking “Video Rental” storefronts and Action Supermarkets windows where we painted Santa Claus is coming to town. Every shop owner wanted his or her window painted with a Christmas tree or Merry Christmas written on it. We were in seriously high demand. We were like rock stars, people would stop and watch us just to check out our skills. Every speed car owner, wanna-be drag racer and butcher shop owner was booking us in to show them the magic and get their business noticed. “Make it stand out” was the only request. Luckily for us the fluorescent paint would fade within 3 months and we would be back in their with a new message to paint and brighten up the streets. “Summer Sale” and “Hurry, while stocks last” was the usual request. Oh and painting their logo.

Well, guess what we still offer the same old traditional bright coloured sign writing and have 2 qualified old school “signees” (as we used to call ourselves) on staff if that’s what you are after. If you want the modern, sharp, smart, digitally printed long lasting signage with expertly installed to a high finish,

We can do that too. It’s not as fun as the old days and but it’s a hell of a lot quicker for us to pump out. Just know you have come to the best “Sign Writer”, I mean “Sign Maker” in Perth.


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