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Top 5 Reasons why you need new signage

Your signage is looking drab, but you think you cannot afford to replace it right now, even though there is no better time than now. But, you say the economy is slow, the bubble is about to burst and its all doom and gloom. Nope, nup, not now, you say! We say, you cannot afford not to replace you old, faded and worn out Building Signage.

We say just do it, and here are the TOP 5 Reasons why.

  1. We are giving 10% discount off building signage. Save Hundreds!
  2. Your old signs make you look your business look unreliable, run down and out of whack.
  3. You can claim up to $20,000 on Capital Purchases off your tax before June 30th 2017
  4. People compare you to your competition, and your losing business, let’s face it, you need a facelift!
  5. Looks and presentation, and “feel” is important and we will make you look, and feel soooo good!
  6. Your brand and customers are everything! Your old signs are diminishing your brand.


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