Thank You George Day Caravans

Early this year we completed our highest ever “Pylon Sign” installed for George Day Caravans in Maddington.

7 metres tall, to be exact from ground to the top edge! ! This was a huge scale undertaking for Nutech Signs and Print and a joint team effort was required. This would incorporate every one of our staff members, ever mind the boss, not sure what he was up too, oh yeah carrying the responsibility, if it went pear shaped! With a bucket load of trust and a “go for it” attitude from Chris Day and Peter Taylor from George Day Caravan we set about, getting the job done.

First up, obtaining “dial before you dig” permission, an engineers report, planning approval from the “City of Gosnells, and a “Builders Permit” and “BA Certificate” before we can even start putting this thing together! For those who are in the know, you got it; it took 3 months and a bit. In the meantime, our patient client approved the signage design. I had the job of designing the signage and Zane Masters (he’s in the pics) came up with “curve shape” design requested by Chris.

Hot Dipped Galvanised

An underground bolt cage was ordered, bolts and bolt plates, 3 site surveys all up. (to get the correct distance from fence, eliminate errors, etc.) Making sure everyone is happy. Zane got stuck into cutting up the large steel legs, hot welding in the summer heat and then we had to get a truck to pick it up and take it to get hot dipped galvanised, which sounds fancy, but it’s anything but. Nothing in the signage game is glamorous, but we are somewhat vain and want it to look fantastic, we secretly do drive-bys weeks after the signage has been completed.

We wanted to prevent any future rusting, and this is what was needed. Phew, will this thing even fit on the truck? Zane still had to spray paint the 160mmx 160mm galvanised legs.

and there’s more!

So once Paul Cartwright and Jason Evans, electronically cut all the long lasting high gloss premium vinyl, (with our veteran plotter) and applied the graphics, Zane clear coated it for extra tough durability. A hiab truck was needed to deliver the sign completely bolted together and then help lift the seven metre pylon upright. Oh, and don’t forget the cherry picker. Before you know it, she was up and standing. Jason Hiam and Zane Masters spend quite a few hours up in the air!

Thanks guys and thanks again to one of our of our favourite clients. George Day Caravans in Maddington Western Australia

Written By:

Wendy Robinson

for Nutech Signs and Print – 14  July 2016

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