Our Latest Fleet Vehicle Signage

Do you want your company to stand out from the crowd.

We get your brand out on the street where thousands of potential buyers drive everyday!

Imagine, full colour images, graphics splashed across your company vehicles.

What a magnificent impression you can make on your future customers.

Seeing your fleet vehicles on the road may be the first point of contact with your company so you need to get those first impressions right.

Your brand is your asset and when you invest with Nutech Signs and Print, you invest in quality products and materials at a reasonable price.

Fleet Vehicle Signage – Service Vehicles – Trucks and Tippers

Vinyl wraps are the perfect way to transform your company fleet into mobile advertising billboards. Vehicle wraps offer an endless range of artwork possibilities.

You can transform an entire vehicle into a glorious full colour, hi-resolution artwork or focus your message onto one or two panels—the choice is yours.

Vehicle wraps are made of tough self adhesive vinyl that will last for years.

We use hi-tech printing and wrapping process that will ensure your company image has the freshness and eye-catching appeal that will enhance your brand strength.

From bikes to buses and cars to boats vinyl wraps will capture the imagination and the hearts of all who see them.